Campaign URL Builder

Welcome to the Campaign URL Builder, an intuitive tool inspired by Google Campaign URL Builder. Easily create custom URLs for your marketing campaigns and effortlessly track their performance.

Google Campaign URL Builder has long been a trusted tool for digital marketers. Our Campaign URL Builder draws inspiration from this widely-used tool, providing a seamless experience to create tracking URLs for your campaigns.

Why Use a Campaign URL Builder?

Tracking the success of your marketing campaigns is crucial for making informed decisions. By utilising campaign-specific URLs, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of each campaign, source, and medium. Our Campaign URL Builder allows you to append custom parameters to your URLs, including utm_source, utm_campaign and utm_medium.

How to use our Campaign URL Builder?

To start with our Campaign URL Builder, enter the relevant information into the provided fields. The tool will automatically generate a customised URL for you, including the parameters you specified. Use this URL in your marketing materials and track its performance using web analytics tools.

Optimise your marketing campaigns and gain valuable insights with our Campaign URL Builder. Start building customised tracking URLs today and unlock the power of data-driven decision-making.

Create your unique URL

Enter the website URL and campaign information to create your unique URL and copy the output from the section below.

The full website URL (e.g.
Campaign source: (e.g. Google ads, facebook or newsletter)
Name your campaign: Product promotion/sale, Christmas specials etc.
Choose medium: (e.g. Social promotion, banner ads, newsletter)

Output: Copy the content below

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More Information about URL parameters and Examples

utm_source: This parameter refers to the source of your traffic. It helps identify where your campaign generates clicks or visits. For instance, if you're running a campaign on social media, you could set utm_source as "Facebook" or "Twitter." You can analyse their performance by differentiating traffic from each source with the appropriate utm_source value.

utm_campaign: This parameter specifies the name or title of your campaign. It enables you to track the performance of different campaigns separately. For example, if you're launching a holiday promotion, you might set utm_campaign as "holiday-promo." Analysing the data associated with this parameter allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your various campaigns.

utm_medium: The utm_medium parameter denotes the medium through which your campaign is delivered. It provides insights into the channels that generate traffic. Examples of utm_medium values include "email," "banner-ad," "organic-search," and "referral." Understanding which mediums drive the most traffic allows you to allocate your resources effectively.

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