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Best VueJs UI component libraries and frameworks

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Vue.Js is one of the favourite JavaScript frameworks among front-end developers as it is easier to learn and implement than the steep curve of React. The components and the features of this framework are at the core of this framework, making the developers quickly develop the functional UI interfaces. If you are working in web design and development, you might already be aware of multiple JavaScript frameworks and their importance for web development. Vue.Js helps create stunning websites quickly.

In this article, you will learn about the best Vue UI components and libraries that are the building blocks helping the productive user interface development for the Vue.Js framework. Besides using these components for coding, making cards, layouts, and styling buttons, you can also use them for accessing the various UI elements to make attractive, innovative, and content-rich applications.

For quick and easy setup of the VueJs web app, here are our top picks of component libraries


It is a framework that has a strong community and lots of uses. It has material design guidelines supported on all desktops and mobile browsers. The main thing about this framework is that- it is all-in-one as a whole. It has already launched the Version 1 elements, plugins, and directives. Apart from this, it has found tools that help developers learn more about this framework. It is the most extensive among all the Vue.Js components and libraries available in the market. It comes with in-depth documentation and end-to-end implementation.

Element Plus

It has a wide range of modest and easy components to the Vue 3. Most of these components are mainly used for making complex applications. This library also provides mature time and date pickers, calendar elements, trees, timelines, etc. It also has easy animations and a framework that is accepted globally. It is one of the most recognised Vue 3 UI frameworks that will help you meet expectations with the latest updates, high level of customisation, SCSS variables, and pluggable elements inbuilt.


As with the other Vue.Js components featured in this post, this component mainly focuses on interactivity through JavaScript rather than the visual components. In addition, it is primarily inspired by Google’s Material Design and has a user-friendly API. Therefore, it is one of the best choices to add features to the existing web application.

Fish UI

This Vue.Js framework is used for designing front-end apps. It is compatible with modern browser environments and generally serves ES2015 and Webpack 2.0. In addition, it has a strong community hub of the library that is sufficient for fixing various issues.

With the help of these Vue.Js components, experts working in web development services can develop the project more easily than before. Therefore, choosing the suitable component for the project you are working on is crucial. This article has provided you with the names of the top Vue.Js components and libraries.

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