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What are the top app development trends to watch out for?

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It is indeed true that the mobile app development industry is developing at a fast rate. Hence, to survive in this age, businesses need to stay alert or be left behind by their target audience. It is needless to say that mobile is transforming business models, and marketplaces rapidly. However, having just a mobile presence is not enough to stay in the competition.

Learn more about the top mobile app development trends that you should watch out for so that you can outsmart your competitors.

Building Apps for Foldable

Everyone knows that Samsung is coming up with foldable OLED display phones in the upcoming days. Hence, operating systems are getting ready to make the best use of this technology to enhance smartphone experiences. It is already announced by Google in 2018 regarding its foldable support on Android phones by utilising 'screen continuity' API.

Samsung has also stated that many popular Android Apps have been optimised to meet Galaxy Fold's requirements, such as Twitter, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Facebook, Microsoft Office, and VSCO.

Therefore, it is significant to plan out your mobile development strategy to run smoothly in foldable devices. Unfolding the device to get the view of a larger screen will positively impact the users. In other words, a larger screen signifies more space for a detailed and engaging experience. Furthermore, multiple-windows allow the scope to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. It is something that will be dominant in most App Development Services in Toowoomba.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Everyone knows the famous story of FaceApp of how it rose to fame overnight due to its innovative use of AI or artificial intelligence. The app became very popular because everybody wants to know how they would look when they grow older or younger. In October 2019, the app's total revenue was $1m. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have remained the top mobile app development trends in the last few years.

The latest news is favourite mobile apps like Cortana, Replika, and Google Assistant are digging deep in this field as they have already experienced some success with it. Also, Apple has welcomed Core ML 3, the latest version of its machine learning model framework, to help iOS developers embed AI smarts into their apps. Hence, it would be wise for businesses to learn more about these technologies and adequately get acquainted with their features and other components.

Rise of chatbots

In contemporary times, maximum buyers want more do-it-yourself custom service tools to accelerate an online purchase. In that case, chatbots are an ideal way to offer that kind of relationship management. It is anticipated that chatbots' inclusion in mobile apps will move from fairly elementary to fierce. There are 2.5 million apps in the Google Play Store and 1.8 million in the Apple App Store, yet there are only a few apps that have chatbots in it for facilitating better UX/UI services.

Hence, it is expected that 80% of companies will be using chatbots in mobile applications in the upcoming days.